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    Slimming World

    ・Customer — Slimming World
    ・Delivery location — Derbyshire, U.K.
    ・Product to be delivered —TH-50PH9 x 4
    ・Delivery date — October, 2006

    The UK’s leading slimming organisation, Slimming World, has installed Panasonic plasma displays in its main conference room at its Head Office in Alfreton, Derbyshire, to showcase its most successful Consultants.

    The company had previously displayed photographs on one wall of the conference room to honour the achievements of its ‘Gold’ Consultants. However, limitations on space led it to seek out an alternative solution for this ‘Golden Gallery’ of Consultants.

    Paul Siddall, IT manager at Slimming World, says: “Our Consultants have been so successful in growing their groups that we rapidly ran out of space, so we needed an electronic equivalent to pinning up their photos.”

    Slimming World needed a system that could cope with a growing library of around 400 photographs. The challenge was to find a high quality plasma display solution that could be linked to a database. Working with electronic solutions provider Integrex, Siddall says one reason Slimming World chose to use Panasonic technology partly was the success of a 42” Panasonic plasma display it had already used successfully in its reception area.

    Steve Barton, IT sales manager at Integrex, also rates the screens highly: “The key criteria for Slimming World were an ultra-reliable solution that’s the best of breed and there are no better plasma displays than Panasonic. This choice was also in keeping with the organisation’s objective of being head and shoulders above the competition in every way.”

    The technology arrangement recommended to Slimming World by Integrex involved a 2 x 2 50-inch plasma combination for the wall linked to a Panasonic 50-inch touch screen positioned on a plinth for controlling the images displayed on the screens.

    The display also provides inspiration for Consultants, running more than 5,500 groups across the UK, who are frequently invited to benefit from the company’s state-of-the-art training facilities at Head Office. The company also plans to tap into other potential benefits the screens can offer in the future. “There are millions of things that we can do, such as having videos and music running on them. We have lots of plans,” says Siddall.

    Key Facts

    • Ultra reliable solution
    • Touch Screen provides robust, interactive solution
    • Fan-less technology
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